Look Fantastic – January 2019

This is a UK based beauty box subscription and it’s like if Ipsy and Boxycharm had a baby. I find that there are more products and they are larger than what you would get in an Ipsy but they aren’t quite as good as a Boxycharm. This month was very skin care and self care focused so their wasn’t much makeup.

I do need to say that they have really nice packaging. The box was a beautiful baby blue and sturdy af. It had a nice motivational quote on the inside. I kept it to store duplicate makeup products in. This box cost me $20.50 CAD.

Value of the box: $107.00
Value of the box to me: $54.00 ($81.00 if I wasn’t a moron and kept the primer)
Magazine: $1.00
Setting Powder: $35.00
Sheet Mask: $4.00
Hair Ties: $5.00
Primer: $0.00 (Because I’m dumb)
Hand cream: $9.00

I didn’t love this box nor did I hate it. I’m excited to see what next month will bring. Since this is UK based I’m interested what kind of products I will get that may be exclusive to the UK. We’ll see how this goes.

Thanks for reading and again none of these photos are mine.

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Boxycharm – January 2019

A lot of people gave this months box a lot of shit (I watch a lot of unboxing videos) and while it was by no means the best I honestly didn’t think it was that bad.

I have a 6 month subscription so I’m paying $19.33 USD a month.

Total value of the box: $110.00
Total value to me: $94.00
Hair Mask: $9.00
Lipstick: $20.00
Tarte Palette: $36.00
Tatcha face masks: $24.00
Brow pencil: $5.00

I liked this box. I didn’t love it but I’m glad I got all the products I did. I am super excited for the February box and so curious to see what with be in the LuxyCharm Box in March. The December one was amazing.

Thanks for reading and none of these pics are mine.

Ipsy – January 2019

I used to have an Ipsy subscription in 2017 and I was usually happy with most of the products. Some times it is hit and miss, I especially hate the little eye shadow samples they send, (I don’t know why, they just bother me), but they usually have decent lipsticks and great brushes. I re-subscribed when my obsession with makeup reignited.

Without further ado, here is what I received in my January Ipsy glam bag. I paid $110 +4.95 shipping USD for the entire year.

Total value of the bag: $88.00
Value to Me – $66.00
Face Masks: $5.00 because they aren’t cruelty free.
Lipstick: $14.00
Eyeliner: $5.00
Highlighter – $29.00
Brush – $13.00

I find Ipsy is worth the money most of the time. Not the most amazing products but not as terrible as a lot of bloggers make it out to be. I want to join the Ipsy Glam Bag Plus so bad and they are taking their sweet ass time signing people up for it. Every unboxing I’ve seen has been amazing! They had a full size of the Hey Honey Good Morning serum and I’m so sad I missed it. It’s the best thing I’ve ever put on my face.

Anyway, hopefully by March I’ll be able to review that one too! Thank you for reading and as always, none of the photos are mine.

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Singles Swag – January 2019

So I should start this off by stating that I am not single. Happily married for 2 and a half years but the box looked awesome, so I thought I’d try it. I was speaking to my sister-in-law and she said she liked it when people listed what the box was worth to them, which is a fantastic point. It doesn’t matter if the box comes with a $200 Natasha Denona palette, if you already have that palette, it’s kind of useless to you.

This is a lifestyle box that comes to $39.99USD.

Actual Value of the box – $214.00
Value to me – $182.00
Chocolate Bar: $5.00
Pedi Buffer – $10.00
Face Masks – $38.00
Necklace – $64.00
Hat – $15.00
Miracle Balm – $10.00
Eyelash Curler – $40.00

Considering that the box was $40.00 and I got a bunch of stuff that I was going to buy anyway out of it, I am very pleased with this purchase. If you want to try an alternative to FabFitFun I would suggest this. I feel like this is a very broad lifestyle box which is good because you are going to be happy a lot more often than not.

Thanks for reading!

None of the photos are mine!

Topbox – January 2019

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to keep Topbox. I wasn’t impressed with my first box and I cancelled after this box was sent, I have since resubscribed. The January box wasn’t amazing but I was a lot happier with the products I received this time around.

Cost – $13.56CAD per month

1. Steve Laurant – Lilac Matte Lipstick – $22.00USDlilac_2i3a8614crop_800x

While I don’t think the color suits my skin color, I do like the formula and I love that the brand is cruelty-free. I could easily blend this with another color to create something original or I could be adventurous and go for a completely different look to my normal day to day. Given the retail price and what I paid for the box this was well worth it considering it was full size.



purlisse2. Purlisse – Watermelon Energizing Aqua Balm – Full Size – $45.00USD

I always love trying new moisturizers, I don’t like it when my skin care routine gets old, so to spice it up everyone once in awhile is fun. Purlisse is vegan and cruelty-free and it smells great. This was only a sample size but it’s a great way to try new products, which is my jam.



3. Skin & Co Roma – Truffle Therapy Cleansing Oil – Full Size – $30.00USDtt-cleansing-oil-deluxe_431f76c5-5193-45e3-b098-0f2c5ea24fbe_grande

I received one of their toners in an Ipsy bags many moons ago and I loved it and this was no different. Their products are gentle on my skin and they smell really good without being overpowering. Another great thing about this brand is that it is also cruelty-free as far as I can tell.




creme_fouettee_20220030040_200ml4. ALO – Fruits & Passion – Whipped Body Cream – Grapefruit and Guava – Full Size – $13.50CAD

This body cream smells so good and it feels really nice against the skin. The full size is 200ml while the sample I received was 100ml which is pretty good. As far as I can tell it is cruelty-free, so top marks to Topbox for giving me an completely cruelty-free box this month.




I tend to be pretty positive about beauty box subscriptions, I find a lot of un-boxing videos are very negative. I think the point of them is to get to try new things and every month can’t be amazing because different strokes, you know? Topbox is a month to month subscription so I like that I can cancel if I find that I’m not getting what I want out of it but this month was great. Super happy.

*Disclaimer* None of these photos are mine.

Sephora VIB Rouge Haul – First Weekend

the opulent yonge

I actually think I did pretty well in terms of moderating my spending this VIB Rouge sale. That is, until the end! I definitely picked up some things I didn’t need at the end. But that’s okay! I can return them. Maybe.

I’m going to actually list these in order of purchase, because that’s basically how I prioritized them, with the last few items being ones that I do not need.

First weekend – Oct. 26 to 29

I only bought two things the first weekend, and both were ones I had already purchased with plans to keep, but returned once I heard about the sale.

Drunk Elephant Inspector Drunk Night Kit – $120 down to $96

s2138667-main-zoomI love Drunk Elephant products, and I was out of serum, so this seemed like a good buy. It comes with a full-sized TLC Framboos Glycolic Night Serum, which costs $110 on its…

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Boxycharm Review – January 2018

the opulent yonge

Better late than never, right?

Obviously, I haven’t done a review of a box in a while, and that is because I like to try out all the products first, and sometimes that can take a while! But I still want to write a review, because it’s a helpful tool for me when I am evaluating my spending, and whether it is worth it to continue my subscription.

26685884_1248053748672368_2981104295408909239_o-486x350Crown Glam Metals Palette

crown_glam_metals_eyeshadow_palette_1524369621_96caebe9I was excited to get this simply because it was an eyeshadow palette. Which turned out not to be a good reason at all! These are not my go-to colours, so it took me almost two months to actually use this! I just really wasn’t attracted to the shades and I had a hard time thinking of an eye look that I wanted to actually wear around all day. There were no mattes, and the mattes are usually the…

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2018 Eyeshadow Palette Challenge – Progress Update 6 – Too Faced

the opulent yonge

Too Faced (TF) is one of my favourite brands because of their adorable packaging and scented products. The quality can be really good, but that is not always the case. In general, I find the brand to be pretty inconsistent.

One of the main reasons that I wanted to do this palette challenge was to compare the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palettes both with each other and to the other series of palettes, like the Tartelette palettes and the Naked palettes.

These are the ones I’ve gotten through so far:

21. Too Faced Just Peachy Just Velvet Matte Eyeshadow Palette ($55 CAD)

s1961408-main-zoomI have actually bought this palette three times and returned it twice (yes, I am crazy). I ended up getting it for 50% off when Sephora had it as a Weekly Wow. It’s one of those palettes that I definitely didn’t need, as I have the…

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2018 Eyeshadow Palette Challenge – Progress Update 5 – Fun with Tarte

the opulent yonge

I have a ton of Tarte palettes, mostly because they always have amazing sales on their website and they ship to Canada for free if you spend $75.

*NOTE* If you want to buy Tarte products DO NOT buy them from Sephora!!!! Even during the 20% off sale! Tarte regularly (about once every month or two) has 25% off, and often even more. They do 25% off with an extra 10% off if you sign up for their rewards program. This works out to 32% off. ALSO, during their sales they put a lot of their products on sale, so you get the sale price plus the 25-32% off. I have score many palettes for under $25.

So anyways, I used a number of my Tarte palettes for the Challenge, and here are my thoughts:

15. Tarte Happy Girls Shine Brighter Eye & Cheek Palette ($38 CAD)

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2018 Eyeshadow Palette Challenge – Progress Update 4 – Natasha Denona Tropic Eyeshadow Palette Review

the opulent yonge

Obviously I’ve been doing a fantastic job keeping up to date with this challenge!

But even though I haven’t been writing, I have continued to do the challenge! I have used 27 more palettes in addition to the 13 I have already tried and reviewed! Plus, I am working on another 15 (meaning I have used them once or twice, but not three times).

So, without further ado, here are my thoughts on the palettes I have been using:

  1. Natasha Denona Tropic Eyeshadow Palette ($162)
    • zb_pWhen I saw this palette I was immediately very attracted to it. I love the colour story, with all the gorgeous warm mattes and the unique pops of colour! It looks very tropical to me, but at the same time extremely wearable. Of course, it is freaking expensive so I couldn’t justify the purchase. Luckily my amazing boyfriend got it for me for…

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